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Why Hire Security Guards from Our Team?

In this post, we would like to introduce the people and services of Aim Security Group LLC in order to help you get familiar with what we do and choose our services next time when you need to protect your business facility. If you are interested to learn who we are and how we can be beneficial for you, then you definitely need to read on!

The security guards who are a part of our team are not only well trained but also fully insured and well-equipped to protect any commercial facility from intruders. Although we do not provide private security bodyguard services, you can count on us for protecting your entire property. Here are just a few of the services which you can trust us for:

  • Gatehouse access control performed with top quality security cameras and monitoring equipment.

  • Security management of commercial facilities and storage warehouses.

  • Security patrol services 24/7 performed with the help of a visitor management software.

  • Commercial gate systems to control the access of the people entering your business facility. The most common method used to perform such control are bar code and magstripe cards.

  • Surveillance systems and digital cameras connected through a wireless network around your business facility.

  • We can supply you with hand and fingerprint extra security biometric technologies.

  • 24 hour on call backup security guards in case extra help is needed in order to make sure that your business stays safe.

If you want to make sure that your business or organization in Fort Myers FL stays safe, you definitely need to contact our team. Dial (239) 910-5029, and one of our knowledgeable customer care assistants will explain everything that you need to know about our security guards and services. We offer services that are reliable and reasonably priced, so we believe that it won’t be hard for us to earn you as our customers! Call us now, and get your holiday special quote!

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